Professional Dashboard Solutions

Collecting and understanding key performance indicators is vital to your management strategy.  Identifying which data points need to be measured to illuminate your department’s contribution to your company’s bottom line is paramount.

Agilis Group, Inc. can work with you to develop and deploy a cost efficient metrics tool to track key performance metrics. MS Excel is utilized to ensure compatibility with existing corporate network architectures.  No special software is necessary.  The metrics tool can be made customizable and flexible allowing for change each year to meet the needs of the organization.

Why did Agilis choose Excel as the platform of choice for dashboards?

  • Excel is inherently part of the enterprise Business intelligence portfolio

  • Tool familiarity

  • Built in flexibility

  • Rapid development

  • Easily incorporated into a company's existing network architecture

  • Powerful data connectivity and automation capabilities

  • Little or no incremental costs

  • Most of the data analysis and reporting done in business today is done using spreadsheets







The MCP Advantage

When you hire a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), your company benefits from a technically proficient professional who has hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge.

Certified professionals give your organization a competitive advantage. They can help increase customer satisfaction, reduce network downtime, and push service to a higher level, which translates into an excellent return on investment.