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Top Ten Tips List
Is your home safe for your family? Follow these 10 tips from the Home Safety Council to protect the people you love!

Home Safety Council
The Home Safety Council (HSC) is the only national
nonprofit organization
dedicated to preventing home
related injuries.
Frequently Asked Questions
Have questions?  Not sure how to order?  Want to learn more about the program?  Visit our FAQ's section and get the answers you need about the safety dollars program.
Agilis Safety Dollars Program

Safety Dollars

Need to raise the awareness of safety performance at your company? Agilis Group, Inc. has developed a unique hazard reporting incentive system called Safety Dollars which yields positive results. Getting employees thinking correctly about safety behavior is the first step to getting employees acting safely. Keeping safety top of mind is what your organization needs for employee safety.

Improve Morale

The Safety Dollar Program is based on positive reinforcement and recognition for employees doing the right things when it comes to working safely and taking care of each other. When safe behavior is observed or employees take the initiative to help one another to work safely they may be awarded with a safety dollar toward safety related merchandise available via this web site. Safety Dollars can be accumulated for more expensive items.

Capture Safety Data

The order forms for each product are designed to capture valuable safety data as to why employees received the Safety Dollar giving your company valuable insights into safety or compliance issues that may have remained hidden minimizing your risk.

 Reduce Workers Compensation Costs

Workers compensation costs is something every employer must deal with. Prevention of injuries and accidents leads to reduced workers compensation cases which yields reduced costs and lower insurance premiums.