Client Dedicated Web Sites

Communicating your ideas quickly and effectively is critical to your success.  In today's economy you have to be able to adapt and deliver that message as business conditions dictate. 

Real time data delivery is necessary to keep your team working at their peak.

Your Problem:

You have resources at your company to get this done but they are stretched completing other projects. 

You have documents and procedures that your remote sites, consultants, contractors and vendors need access to but are not able to because they are outside your company's intranet. 

You have training employees and contractors are required to take but have no way to access them and travel budgets make it cost prohibitive to send a trainer to each site.

The Solution:

Enter Agilis Group, Inc.  We can provide you with a dedicated web site to deliver your mission critical information in a timely and cost effective manner. 

We work with you and your team to develop a plan of action to deliver your communication goals.

Agilis provides you with the agility to successfully deliver your information where and when you need it. 

The MCP Advantage

When you hire a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), your company benefits from a technically proficient professional who has hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge.

Certified professionals give your organization a competitive advantage. They can help increase customer satisfaction, reduce network downtime, and push service to a higher level, which translates into an excellent return on investment.